Welcome to Pithy

Hi I’m Christine…I’m a TV writer, film-maker and a frustrated novelist.  Why frustrated you ask?  Well…not because I have writer’s block or anything quite so dramatic but because I often feel frustrated my own artistic output isn’t as focussed or as fertile as I would like it to be.

Between looking for the next freelance gig, family responsibilities – my younger brother is autistic and I will be his legal guardian soon (I even made a film about this Travels with My Brother) – carving out the time and focus to work on a novel seems like a massive undertaking.

Whereas I am a voracious reader and love the classics and new literary fiction – genre be it mystery, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance – or a combination of two or more! – is my go-to entertainment.  And that’s what I would like to write.

I’m thinking a mystery…or maybe a YA sci-fi…I’ve got notes on both…See what I mean about lack of focus!?

With Pithy, I hope to create a sort of writerly boot-camp, where myself and other aspiring writers (no matter how little time they have to actually write) will be encouraged and motivated to produce work that pulsates with passion and resonates with readers.

The blog hopes to offer:

– practical advice about the craft of writing genre fiction
– resources for inspiration and ways to foster creativity and carve out time for results
– news about the marketplace and selling
– details about writing competitions and conferences

My hope is that lovers of genre fiction – whether they have a desire to write or not – will also join in the fun because speaking for myself –  Readers Rule!

Disclosure & Social Media Policy

It should be noted that the opinions stated on this blog are solely my own and do not reflect my workplace. In regards to social media, I encourage you to share any of the content viewed on this blog provided that you (1) keep any comments in proper context and (2) provide attribution to the source, be it myself, a contributor, or another party which I may have sourced from.

The photos are royalty free or I have gained permission otherwise the photos are ones I have taken myself.

In regards to my personal photos that appear on this blog, they are not shareable unless I have granted specific permission. Just email me and ask.  Thanks!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Pithy

  1. Hi Christine, Great idea! You have such a vibrant writing style, I’m glad to see you are finding a new venue for your writing abilities. I approve of all you explained in your first blog and encourage you to write more about yourself, your family and your aspirations in subsequent offerings. You are the most interesting topic for a blog.

    Best, Janice

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  2. Jeanne mott says:

    Hi Christine,
    What a great idea. I’ve totally enjoyed your many stories over the years we known each other. Your stories are always engaging in the most unexpected ways…always fresh and beautifully crafted. How wonderful that you will bring all that talent to a blog. I’m all in, sign me up. Cheers! Jeanne


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