Witches, Revenge, White Walkers & Me


Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble

When it comes to story-telling I am unabashedly fascinated with the supernatural. Witches, warlocks, magic, dragons, angels, demons, ghosts, fairies, monsters, werewolves, vampires…you name it.

I was bit as soon as I was read my first fairy tale. As soon as I could read myself, I devoured all sorts of fairy tales by the likes of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen and progressed to other books about magic children and otherworldly powers.


I guess, if I’m honest, a big draw to stories of people with powers out of the ordinary, is because as a small child I often felt powerless. Not because I had a terrible upbringing or was mercilessly bullied in school…although I had a taste of it. I guess no one goes completely unscathed when it comes to bullying.

I think when you’re a little kid life often feels just plain unfair. I remember being told “you’re not old enough” or “just wait until you’re old enough” when there was something I yearned to do RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes I did run out and openly defy my parents or my grandmother Meme who helped raise my siblings and myself but I wasn’t exactly a wild child…except in my imagination. I often retreated into my own world and gave myself special powers, did whatever I desired and was whomever I wanted. At times, I was truly diabolical. Continue reading