Tempting Time Travel


Time travel – it’s a concept that has caught the imagination of countless writers. There’s something so appealing, so delicious about being whisked to another time – whether it’s in the past or in the future. It’s something that I’ve always fancied…I think if I could I’d travel to the Roaring ’20s in Chicago – before the Crash of course! Or maybe the Swinging 1960s in London…

While I do think the Renaissance or Middle Ages in Europe would be fascinating – I have a plain old aversion to dying of a common flu or catching the plague. I like a time with antibiotics thank you very much. While the future holds mysteries – I’m a little hesitant about going too far forward into time. I’m not keen on landing in the middle of a dystopian future where food and water is scarce and there’s no law and order. Or worse, being attacked by mutant zombie robots or something.


Okay, I admit I’ve probably read too many books and seen too many movies! The future could be a very boring place…but what’s the fun in that when it comes to story telling – am I right?

Now my fears are grounded in the possibility of whether I could actually time travel. Otherwise  by reading novels – whether the characters move in time or the novel is set in a different era or was written hundreds of years ago – I can time travel while sitting in my arm chair without hesitation.

“Reading…it draws you away from whatever life you’re living…a new aspect…something new to see or find out.”

I recently sat down with my friend and avid reader Susan to discuss the power of books and a tour of her personal Kobo library.  See our conversation below on YouTube. Continue reading